Randy Orton is a beast when it comes to fitness. His workouts are hard and have high repetitions. The reason for the high repetitions is to prevent injury.  Orton has one of the best looking bodies in the WWE today. He is 6 foot 4, 235 lbs of lean and defined muscles. He is known for his ripped abs and lean muscular body. Randy Orton is a multiple time WWE champion and a top superstar in the WWE. His finishing move is the RKO which requires good agility to leap in the air and perform. He is know as the Viper for his ability to hit the RKO at any time in a match.

Randy Orton Workout and Diet            

Randy Orton has a five day workout schedule were he works on a different muscle group each day. He works his muscles till they are fatigued to promote muscle growth. In Randy Ortons Workout he does 7-21 repetitions with about 30 seconds of rest between each set. He exercises his forearms, neck, and abs 3 times a week. He also uses an inclined treadmill 3 times a week. The Randy Orton Workout has his complete workout routine. Ortons diet consists of high protein and low carbs. More than half of his protein intake comes from protein shakes and bars. The rest of his protein intake comes from meat, milk, eggs, and cheese.